Brute Shoplifters Kill Texas Convenience Store Worker Over Bag of Chips

Some people don’t understand: niggas out here gotta eat.

You’ll whites and people done came from other countries has all the food and try to keep it. What for you need all that food in the whole store? Bitch, you ain’t gonna eat all that food in the whole store.

And you gonna go and tell a nigga he gotta give you stank ass he money for a bag of chips?

Bitch, get up off it.

Gimme that shit.

New York Post:

A Texas convenience store clerk was shot and killed after he chased down a pair of shoplifters who stole a bag of chips Friday, according to police.

One of the alleged crooks opened fire on the store manager at around 11:30 a.m. after he followed the pair in his car to try to stop them from stealing the crisps from the Sunoco gas station shop in Humble, Texas, cops said.


Bitch them shits was chips.

The 42-year-old worker, who has not yet been identified, was struck by a bullet and died from his wounds.

Surveillance footage at the store obtained by KPRC shows the two men in dark clothing enter the shop as the store manager follows behind them with a bucket and begins mopping the floor.

The men pace around before stopping in an aisle in front of the chips, where one man appears to put a bag inside of his pants, video shows. They spend another minute or so inside of the store before leaving without paying.

The store clerk follows them outside and confronts them verbally before they walk away from the store, according to the footage.

The employee then got in his car and followed the pair, police said.

Bitch maybe should have thought her thoughts first in his head, he wouldn’t have no bullets in it.

Shoulda thought “them niggas needs food to eat, I gots all this food in my store, keeping that shit stacked up like a muthafugga thinks he owns shit, why for should I be done keep this food from dem young niggas what needs food to live?”

Editor’s commentary: I wonder why they didn’t identify the victim?