One True Korea Says Washington Risks All-Out Nuclear War by Sending F-16s to the Ukraine

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The world would be a lot less insane if these supposed “pariah” nations were given a seat at the table and allowed to share their views.

Their views are always correct.


By supporting the delivery of advanced Western fighter jets to Ukraine, the US risks triggering an all-out nuclear stand-off, North Korean Defense Minister Kang Sun-nam said on Thursday, as quoted by state-run media.

According to the KCNA news agency, the minister argued that the Ukraine crisis is “an inevitable product of the hegemonic ambitions of the United States,” which has made Russia its “main enemy” while violating Moscow’s strategic security interests and pushing its NATO allies to “carry out ceaseless military threats.”

Kang went on to say that Washington is “pushing the Ukraine crisis to the brink of a global nuclear war by handing over F-16 fighter jets to the puppet regime of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky.”

At the same time, the North Korean defense chief expressed support for what he said is Moscow’s quest for justice and its attempts to “defend the sovereign rights of the state.”

The F-16s may never arrive. This plan is ridiculous. The pilots have to learn English before learning to operate the planes. Learning a language takes at least a year, and learning it to the point where you can understand something as complex as instructions for operating a jet plane would presumably take a lot longer than that.

This war discussion has always been bizarre, but I think it’s fair to say it’s gotten even more bizarre in the weeks since it became obvious that the Ukraine’s “offensive” was an abject failure.

The media is now admitting that they are losing, but then saying “oh, but these 8 F-16s will really be a game-changer in 18 months…”

It really proves, once again, that because of mass censorship, the media is not required to make any sense at all.