French Cocksuckers to Ban Smoking on All Beaches and Public Parks, Turn Everyone Gay

France, like China, is a smoking country.

However, unlike China, France is a vagina country.

If I was a vagina, I would want people to smoke, as it would make help to cover the stench emanating from between my legs (the worst stench ever). But women are too stupid. Also, women are filthy, and they like to spread that sickening stench.

The big reason vaginas hate cigarettes though is that they increase testosterone. Women want men to be weak and pathetic.

I recommend smoking to increase testosterone. I recommend it for children, in fact. At Halloween, I pass out packs of Marlboros for boys. Softpack for heteros.

(I would give Camels, but not until they bring back Joe.)

To girls, I give color-coded paperclips.

The peak achievement of a woman is to color code files. They will always fail, because they are so unbelievably stupid, but I will give them the chance.

The Guardian:

France is to ban smoking on all beaches, as well as in public parks, forests and near schools, after Emmanuel Macron promised to create “the first tobacco-free generation” by 2032.

“From now on, no-smoking areas will be the norm,” said the health minister, Aurélien Rousseau.

Rousseau then vomited up over 30 pounds of gay semen. Bystanders were shocked when he began eating the semen he had vomited up. However, homosexual experts noted that homosexuals enjoy semen “going down the second time more than the first.”

There are already 7,200 tobacco-free areas in France – including in Nice, on the French Riviera, which was the first to establish a cigarette-free beach in 2012 with the approval of France’s League Against Cancer.

Just for the retards in the audience: these are the same people who vaxed you.

They now care about your health.

The government said that instead of smoke-free areas being decided by individual local authorities, central government would introduce a nationwide ban. “We are now shifting the responsibility and establishing a principle which will become the rule,” Rousseau said.

I legit think that the Jew fears the cigarette.

Surely, there are some nefarious kikes who don’t want the goyim smoking because they know it makes them much smarter and drastically improves critical thinking skills.

Taxes on cigarettes will be increased, with a pack of 20, now priced at about €11 (£9.50), rising to €12 by 2025 and €13 the following year.

France’s public health body said last year there were almost 12 million daily smokers in France. Almost 32% of 18- to 75-year-olds said they smoked, and 25% said they smoked daily.

They completely invented to the stupid hoax that cigarettes cause cancer.

Actually… for the sake of being reasonable here, it is logical that inhaling smoke all day is going to irritate your lungs, which could cause cancer. Plus, modern cigarettes have a bunch of chemicals in them, because the filthy Jew government refuses to regulate foodstuffs. Everything else on the earth is regulated; you can’t buy a five iron with more than 40% iron because it will change the weather*, but food is a free-for-all, and they can just feed you poison.

Still, cigarette dangers are exaggerated, and more importantly, smoking prevents more conditions than it causes. For one thing, it makes you masculine, and not gay.

The war on tobacco is the war on testosterone.

Most importantly – and this is related to the testosterone – it makes you cool.

Try and think of someone cool who doesn’t smoke.

You can’t do it. The mere attempt to do it makes you a faggot.

“You don’t have to smoke to be cool” is the gayest statement ever.

Name one cool person, real or fictional, who doesn’t smoke.

I’ll wait.

I encourage all young people to take up smoking. That might sound counterintuitive. But it’s not.

In the worst case, smoking kills people when they’re like, 75 – which is AFTER the Bible says you’re supposed to die.

Do you see Joe Biden moping around like a vegetable? Is that what you want for your life?

Well. Cigarettes prevent Alzheimer’s. You might live past 75, and if you do, you will be sharp.

Neither my grandma nor her sister smoked, because women smoking is disgusting. However, my auntie (great aunt) was surrounded by smoke her whole life, because all the men in her life (husband, sons) all smoked inside. She lived to be 92, and was sharp as a razor. She drove until she was 91.

Meanwhile, my grandma nagged my grandpa into smoking outside, or in a different room, and she had no sons. She got dementia at like, 78.

This is real life. We have studies.

Let’s recap.


  • Cigarettes make you smarter
  • Cigarettes increase testosterone (prevent you from becoming gay and help with strength and clarity of thought)
  • Cigarettes prevent disease
  • Cigarettes make you cool and sexy
  • Cigarette smoke makes a cool aroma that makes you feel fresh


  • Maybe you get cancer when you’re already past the age it says in the Bible you’re supposed to die (3 score and 10)
  • Women will nag you (just tell them to shut up)

It’s a no-brainer.

I encourage everyone to start smoking.

The fact that the same kikes who are trying to exterminate you with vaxes, pesticides, PFASs, and processed foods are telling you to stop smoking because they’re really concerned about your health is proof enough that you should be smoking.

NOTE: Be careful with that vape shit. No one knows what that crap is. Hopefully, in the future, there will be healthier vape options, but right now, no one knows what that shit is.

If you don’t smoke, the time is now to start.

You won’t regret it.