Israel Says Baby Killing Festival Could Last a Year



Looks like Andrew Anglin was RIGHT AGAIN.

How many times can this guy BE SO RIGHT?

Do not forget: the entire media and even right wing figures were telling you “oh well, it looks like Israel is going to go ahead and take Gaza.”

Anglin was like: “Ayo, hol up. What the hell are you talking about? How are they going to defeat Hamas? If they had the ability to do that, they would have done it a long time ago.”

They’ve made basically zero progress, at all.

The Guardian:

Israeli defence officials and former senior intelligence officers have said they expect fighting in Gaza to continue for at least a year, raising the prospect of thousands more civilian casualties, a deepening humanitarian crisis and a continuing grave threat to regional stability.

In a briefing, R Adm Daniel Hagari, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), said the centre and south of Gaza, where military efforts are now focused, was “dense and saturated with terrorists” with “an underground city of branching tunnels”.

Three months would be needed to clear the area and fighting would “continue during the year 2024”, Hagari said.

He said scattered fighting was to be expected in northern Gaza, along with rockets sporadically being launched from there toward Israel, but that Hamas militants were “without a framework and without commanders”.

Maj Gen Amos Yadlin, a former head of military intelligence who is close to senior serving officers, compared the campaign to that led by a multinational coalition against Islamic State in 2017 that took nine months. But in Gaza the situation was much more challenging, he said

It will take a year to dismantle Hamas,” he said. “It is not the six-day war [of 1967]. The timeline is long … [IS strongholds] Mosul and Raqqa were not fortified underground … and the coalition was 85 countries.”

Yadlin also compared the current Israeli offensive to that launched by the IDF into the West Bank in 2002 after a wave of suicide bombings by Palestinian militant groups.

“In 2002 it took two months to get into Palestinian cities and two years to make the terror stop. So Israel is looking at nine months to a year [in Gaza]. It depends on how long Hamas will hold [on],” he said.

The new timeline will concern international observers worried about regional instability and aid agencies who have described a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

There are widespread fears that clashes along Israel’s northern border between its military and Hezbollah could escalate into all-out war, possibly plunging the region into a wider conflict.

Benjamin Netanyahu has said the war will not end until the aims of “crushing” Hamas, freeing Israeli hostages and ensuring that Gaza poses no further security threat to Israel are met.

On a long enough timeline, in a vacuum, Israel will win, because they have unlimited resources.

But this is not a vacuum. Israel is now effectively at war with Lebanon, Yemen, and Iran, and the US is at least committing to fight Yemen.

Will it spiral completely out of control?

I have no idea.

I do have an idea, however, that Prince Muhammed won’t tolerate being seen as being the ally of the Jewish baby-killers in a war against the people who defended the Jewish baby-killers, which is why he’s making a point to be friendly with Iran.

Everything is shifting very rapidly, just like it shifted rapidly after the US started a war with Russia in the Ukraine.

Everything is straight up “BAM BAM BAM.”