Israel Storming and Laying Siege to Hospitals in Gaza, Arresting Medical Staff

OMG the Jews are attacking hospitals???

This is really shocking to me. I never would have expected that the very democratic and human rights-oriented Jews would be attacking hospitals.

This is really such a big shock, because no one would expect something like this.


Israeli forces, advancing deep into western Khan Younis in Gaza’s bloodiest fighting of the new year so far, stormed one hospital and placed another under siege on Monday, cutting the wounded off from trauma care, Palestinian officials said.

Troops advanced for the first time into the al-Mawasi district near the Mediterranean Coast, west of Khan Younis, the main city in southern Gaza. There, they stormed the Al-Khair hospital and were arresting medical staff, Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al Qidra told Reuters.

There was no immediate word from Israel on the situation at the hospital. The military spokesperson’s office had no comment.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said tanks had also surrounded another Khan Younis hospital, al-Amal, headquarters of the rescue agency, which had lost contact with its staff there.

Qidra said at least 50 people were killed overnight in Khan Younis, while the sieges of medical facilities meant dozens of dead and wounded were beyond the reach of rescuers.

“The Israeli occupation is preventing ambulance vehicles from moving to recover bodies of martyrs and the wounded from western Khan Younis,” he said.

Israel says Hamas fighters operate from in and around hospitals, which Hamas and medical staff deny.

This is after they’ve destroyed hundreds of hospitals and other medical buildings and have yet to find a single Hamas base.

They just keep on slaughtering innocent people and saying “it’s all Hamas, bro.”

The world watches in silence.