Israel: Supposed Opposition Leader Benny Gantz Calls for Early Elections

This is what Chuck Schumer and others in the Democrat Party have been demanding – that Gantz take over.

He has all of the same policies as Bibi, and he’s actually in Bibi’s war cabinet, but he’s a possibly less brutal personality, which will make the genocide easier for American Jews to sell.

The problem is: there is no evidence that Bibi wants to leave, nor is there evidence that a significant portion of the Israeli people want him to leave. He had all those problems for a long time, with the protesters (who were apparently funded by America). But the protests are pretty much over, aside from the families of the hostages (and a few of their supporters).

If there is an election, Bibi will most likely win it. The Democrats don’t have the ability to show up at 3AM with boxes of ballots like they do in America.

The Guardian:

Israeli minister Benny Gantz, a member of the war cabinet and main rival of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has called for snap parliamentary elections in September, as pressure builds over the war in Gaza.

“We must set a consensual date for the month of September, or if you prefer for the first anniversary of the war,” Gantz, said on Wednesday during a speech from his office in Israel’s parliament.

Netanyahu has been facing pressure from several sides in recent weeks, particularly since Saturday, where demonstrations brought together thousands of people calling for the prime minister’s removal.

It includes protests demanding boosted efforts to secure the release of hostages taken in Hamas’s 7 October attack that sparked war in Gaza.

The prime minister’s Likud party rejected the call for an early election, but it was welcomed by the leader of the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, who last month urged new elections in a strident criticism of Netanyahu’s handling of the conflict.

When a leading member of Israel’s war cabinet calls for early elections and over 70 percent of the Israeli population agrees according to a major poll, you know it’s the right thing to do,” Senator Schumer wrote on X.

It should be clear: this is all theater.

Gantz has the same policies as Bibi as regards the war.

Schumer agrees with the war.

The Americans have simply lost control of their own party. Most people on earth are against this insane slaughter in Gaza, and that includes most Democrat voters.

The Democrats would like to put a kinder face on the slaughter.

But if they do these elections, and Bibi wins – then what?

What happens then?