Watch: Pro-Palestine Protesters March Through Manhattan

Jews saw them coming and escaped into their tunnels.

New York Post:

Thousands of anti-Israel protesters descended on Manhattan to demand a cease-fire in Gaza on Monday, with some even targeting a respected hospital for cancer patients over its alleged “complicity in genocide.”

The protesters shouted “Shame!” at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center while patients received treatment on the Upper East Side before targeting a Starbucks and a McDonald’s restaurant they reportedly accused of making “meals for genocide.”

“Make sure they hear you. They’re in the window,” an organizer said on a bullhorn outside Sloan Kettering, according to footage posted on social media.

Someone in the crowd beat a drum as scores chanted: “MSK shame on you, you support genocide, too.”

The demonstrators took time during the event, advertised as a “Flood Manhattan for Gaza MLK Day march for healthcare,” to berate those at the cancer center, which is also a pediatric hospital.

What about refusing to acknowledge an attack on Palestinian people, and especially the healthcare system, shows any form of compassion or respect for health?” one speaker said, according to National Review.

“Shame, shame, shame,” other protesters shouted in response.

During the march from Union Square to Grace Mansion, protesters also targeted Mt. Sinai Medical Center at 98th Street for “supporting Zionism” and “genocide.”

Police had to block entrances at various buildings on the medical center campus, forcing patients and visitors to use a different door.

Protesters once again called Israel a “racist state” and “charged” them with “genocide.” A few climbed atop the wall of Central Park at East 103rd Street and 5th Avenue and waved Palestinian flags.

One Jewish resident on the Upper East Side told The Post she was “terrified” after a pair of cops had to escort her and her small dog out of a chanting crowd near East 87th Street.

I thought I was in Germany in 1939,” said the 74-year-old resident, who declined to give her name.

Shut the fuck up, kike.

You Jews are going to see Germany 1939, and much, much worse. I promise you that.

This train hasn’t even gotten rolling.