Lego Stops Trying to Recycle Plastic, Says It’s Actually Worse for the Environment

It’s been understood since at least the early 2000s that plastic recycling is retarded.

It’s incredible how something can be known and confirmed for 20 years, and then finally eventually start to penetrate mainstream consciousness. It shows that humans are not rational, as a rule, and do not operate based on information.

The Guardian:

Lego has stopped a project to make bricks from recycled drinks bottles instead of oil-based plastic, saying it would have led to higher carbon emissions over the product’s lifetime.

The Danish company makes billions of Lego pieces a year, and in 2021 began researching a potential transition to recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which needs about 2kg of petroleum to make 1kg of plastic. ABS is used in about 80% of Lego blocks.

“It’s like trying to make a bike out of wood rather than steel,” said Tim Brooks, Lego’s head of sustainability, referring to how the non-oil-based material was softer and demanded extra ingredients for durability, as well as greater energy for processing and drying.

The “level of disruption to the manufacturing environment was such that we needed to change everything in our factories” to scale up recycled PET use, he said. “After all that, the carbon footprint would have been higher. It was disappointing.”

“Carbon emissions” don’t matter. No one has picked up on that yet. But the concept that it’s a waste to recycle is totally correct, and you’re allowed to say that because it does’t technically violate the doctrine of global warming.

Plastic production is probably about 10,000 times what it should be. You need some of it in certain situations, but it’s out of control. The idea of “single use” plastic is just insane. They’re poisoning the entire planet.

The solution to plastic waste, however, is very obvious: it should be burned in incinerators and used to create electricity.

But while that can be done with little to no pollution being created, it does release carbon, which this stupid government cult says is changing the weather.