Memetic Monday: Got Some Good Ones for Ya, Buddy

Sorry if the articles have been shit lately. I’ve been trying to find this Githyanki Creche, and there are homosexuals crawling around everywhere.

Regardless: I’ve got some pretty darn good memes for you this week, friend. Or should I say… “buddy”?

By the way, just some show notes here: I’ve found myself having a few too many memes, so I’m probably going to start doing Wednesday’s again. So, if you’re one of these assholes who only comes on Monday because you don’t care about my very important writings and simply think I’m good at finding memes… add Wednesday to your schedule.

Editor’s Pick of the Week:


Also, this one wins “Most Informational”:

This one is likely the most relatable:

No, no – this one is the most relatable:

Wait, wait, wait – no:


The Primo Collection: