Based Mexico Continues to Protect America from Migrant Scum

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Mexico is unwilling to tolerate these people even traveling through their country, as they create a huge mess and people complain about it.

Meanwhile, white women in America are demanding that they come live here forever, and produce generations of spawn which will conquer the entire country and push whites into the mountains (or maybe we will live in caves in the Grand Canyon or something).

New York Post:

Mexico’s immigration agency announced late Friday night that it found 491 migrants stashed in a compound on the side of the highway east of Mexico.

Of the migrants, 277 of them were children or adolescents — most of whom were traveling with relatives.

However 52 of the minors were unaccompanied, the agency said.

All but six were from Guatemala — the others were from Honduras.

The migrants were being held in a walled compound outside of the city of Puebla along a popular smuggling route.

“They were transferred to headquarters of the National Institute of Migration to provide them with water, food and medical attention,” the organization told CBS News in a statement.

It was always only the lowest trash of any society that was willing to get up and leave their country to go live on welfare in a foreign land.

Meanwhile, rumors are spreading that the Texas governor – a man known as “Wheels McGee” – is killing spics with his toy balloons.

Rare cripple W?