Mexico and Chile Ask ICC to Investigate Israel’s Crimes

Everyone wants these Jews isolated and blockaded.

What they have done and are continuing to do is not tolerable by human beings.


Mexico and Chile expressed “growing worry” on Thursday over “an escalation of violence” after several months of war between Israel and Hamas in a referral to the International Criminal Court (ICC) over possible crimes.

In a statement, Mexico’s foreign ministry argued that the ICC was the proper forum to establish potential criminal responsibility, “whether committed by agents of the occupying power or the occupied power.”

“The action by Mexico and Chile is due to growing worry over the latest escalation of violence, particularly against civilian targets,” it said.

Israel is not a member of the Hague-based court and does not recognize its jurisdiction. But the ICC’s prosecutor has stressed his court has jurisdiction over potential war crimes carried out by Hamas militants in Israel and by Israelis in Gaza.

Mexico cited “numerous reports from the United Nations that detail many incidents that could constitute crimes under the ICC’s jurisdiction.”

Chile’s Foreign Minister Alberto van Klaveren told reporters on Thursday in Santiago that his nation was “interested in supporting the investigation into any possible war crime” wherever they might occur.

These Jews belong in prison.

Of course, they’re an independent nation not subject to international law.

So they should be blockaded.

The US should be blockaded in so long as they continue to support this massacre.