Michigan Sheriff Arrested for Killing Pit Bull in Revenge Murder Scheme

Jacob Wilkinson

They are using the word “torture” for emotional resonance here. The Post is apparently a Pit Defense Force publication. Then you have the cops using the word “nip” instead of “bite.” If this was any other breed of dog, maybe I could go along with “this guy flew off the handle.” But not with a pit bull.

The “torture” was simply duct-taping the evil creature so he could throw it in the car and take it out somewhere where he could shoot it.

New York Post:

A Michigan sheriff’s deputy tortured and killed his adopted service dog, then dumped it in a ditch all because the pooch “nipped” at him, authorities said.

Jacob Wilkinson was arrested Monday on a felony charge and sacked from the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office after the decomposed body of his dog Habs was found bound and shot three times, officials said.

“There was a time somewhere between September, October-ish where he was trimming the dog’s nails and the dog nipped at him,” Sheriff Christopher Swanson said in a Facebook video Wednesday where he shared Wilkinson’s mugshot.

“And that guy … thought he had enough control over the dog that you’re not gonna do that, so he duct-taped the rear legs of the dog, duct-taped the front legs of the dog, duct-taped the muzzle.”

Wilkinson shot the dog three times and dumped its body in Saginow County, but snow-covered the remains of the pitbull mix for much of the winter and it was just found on March 24, according to MILive.com.

The deputy was linked to the body after animal control officials performed a necropsy, which is an autopsy performed on an animal, and found the dog was microchipped, cops said.

If he would have just shot the dog in his house, he could have claimed self defense. There’s no investigation if you shoot a dog, other than questions about the weapon discharge.

But why is the body of a dead dog treated like a human murder victim?

Do the police have unlimited resources or something?


I guess people shouldn’t be allowed to kill dogs. I guess. Not really sure. I don’t think people should be allowed to abuse animals, but we had a dog at the family farm growing up that was just out of control, and a relative just one day took it out in the woods and shot it. Also, a lot of people in rural areas shoot their dogs when they get old and are in pain. The thing about dogs is that in nature they will die when they get old because they can’t keep up with the pack. The pack itself will usually kill them, or just abandon them. But a dog that you’re feeding can live years past its natural expiry date, and have all kinds of health problems that are causing it very serious pain.

But along with just killing the dog in his house, the guy could have just drove it to a “shelter” kill center. If you drop a pit bull off at a shelter, they always kill it, because a shelter can’t possibly be responsible for allowing someone to adopt a dog that might kill their kids. Also, no matter what kind of dog it is, if you drop it off at a shelter and say it bit you, they kill it. They actually kill them with a poison injection, which is a lot more painful than getting duct-taped and shot.

Anyway – we live in a society and so on, and I can see how people would take issue with renegade actions against pets, but pit bulls deserve to be killed and this guy didn’t do anything wrong.