“More Than 8 Million Migrants to be Living in America Soon” (???)

This is some real deceptive language. Maybe it’s an accident.

There were already 30-50 million “migrants” living in America in 2020.

This new news bit is talking about 8 million new migrants since Biden took office. And this is Biden’s number, so it’s probably at least 50% lower than it should be. It’s probably 15 million new people under Biden. New illegals, that is. Plus however many millions they bring in “legally.”

We’re being replaced, rapidly.

New York Post:

The population of migrants living within the US will surge to 8 million by the end of September — a dramatic 167% increase over five years driven by President Biden’s border crisis, according to government data.

At the end of fiscal year 2023 on Sept. 30, more than 6 million asylum seekers and other migrants were listed on what is known as the “non-detained docket” — a court docket that consists of cases involving noncitizens who have been temporarily released from ICE custody.

The Biden Administration anticipates that number will swell to 8 million by Oct. 1, according to Department of Homeland Security documents sent to Congress and obtained by Axios.

It turns out the most heavily armed country in history was the single easiest to invade and conquer. Imagine that. Maybe it’s because Americans are fat, gay retards?