Netanyahu Whines “Whole World” Ganging Up on Israel After Forgetting the Pile of Shoes

Wow, these Jews really are victims.

I feel so sad for them.

New York Post:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Sunday that “the whole world is ganging up” on Israel and has forgotten about the Oct. 7 terror attack.

Speaking in Jerusalem, Netanyahu, 74, slammed the growing criticism over Israel’s advancements in the Gaza Strip, accusing those who side against the war effort of turning a blind eye to the October massacre, which he says has been “quickly forgotten,” the Times of Israel reported.

“There are people here and abroad who say maybe there’s something to this [criticism],” Netanyahu said of the backlash facing the Jewish state. “Maybe we’re really not OK” responding.

The US and other UN member nations have voiced their concerns over the growing civilian casualties in Gaza, with the Hamas-run Ministry of Health updating the latest death toll to more than 32,000 people.

The Ministry of Health does not differentiate between terrorists and civilians, with the Israel Defense Forces estimating last month that about 12,000 Hamas operatives have been killed.

Netanyahu again assured the public that “there is no army in the world that has done and does what the IDF has done to minimize the number of casualties and achieve achievements no other army has managed.”

The prime minister also asked how anyone could accuse Israel, a nation established after the Holocaust, of committing genocide, with Netanyahu reminiscing about his father’s own battles against antisemitism.

So, the claim is very straightforward: because of the Holocaust, they can never be accused of doing anything wrong.

It’s not a joke when we say “they claim the pile of shoes gives them a free pass to slaughter people.” That is literally what the Prime Minister of Israel says.