Outrage After UC Berkeley Professor Advises Student to Look for a Girlfriend Outside Bay Area

Professor Shewchuk and his wife.

Autistic nerd with sweet Asian wife? This is like another Holocaust.

New York Post:

A California professor is under fire for allegedly telling a student not to have a girlfriend from around campus because of the “stark differences” between women in and out of the Bay Area.

Jonathan Shewchuk, a computer science professor at UC Berkeley, made the shocking comments on an online discussion board in response to one of his students looking for advice on dating in the area and finding work in the field, the Daily Cal reported.

If you want a girlfriend, get out of the Bay Area. Almost everywhere else on the planet is better for that. I’m not kidding at all,” Shewchuk reportedly said, according to screenshots of the comment posted to social media.

You’ll be shocked by the stark differences in behavior of women in places where women are plentiful versus their behavior within artillery distance of San Jose and San Francisco.”

Several students immediately called out the CS 189 discussion thread, an introductory course, that had turned into an informal dating advice chat.

“With all due respect, I don’t think this is very appropriate for a classroom discussion board (let alone at all.)” one student replied.

“This conversation is entirely inappropriate for a forum intended for learning and has tones of misogyny. As a woman taking this class I’m shocked by this thread as well as the professor’s engagement.”

“Hard agree, as a TA, if I said this, I would be (rightfully) fired.”

The chairs of the university’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments met with the educator seemingly prompting him to apologize, according to SF Gate.

Yeah, I’m sure he apologized. No one wants to be hunted and destroyed by these people. It’s just that no one really understands where the line is, and especially if you have some kind of autism, you can’t understand the subtlety.

Most men would not imagine that a piece of very obvious dating advice would be framed as “hatred for women.” It’s very obvious that in light of his own wife, “go outside the Bay Area” is being interpreted as “go to Thailand or the Philippines.” White women despise Asian women for being willing to marry and have children at a reasonable age with “beta males” who want a traditional situation.

Ask a white woman if there should be laws against men going to other countries for sex, and they will almost universally say “yes, of course.”