Psychiatrist “Sentenced to 40 Years for Using AI to Create Pornographic Pictures of Kids”

See: Police Investigating NJ High School Boys Who Used AI to Generate Nudes of Female Classmates

The headline running is fake. He was actually secretly recording his patients getting naked.

I don’t know why they buried the lede like this, other than because they want to demonize AI.

New York Post:

A North Carolina child psychiatrist was hit with a 40-year prison sentence Wednesday for using artificial intelligence to transform innocent pictures of children into intense pornography stills.

David Tatum, 41, will also have to serve 30 years of supervised release for secretly recording multiple teenagers — including his several family members and a patient — getting undressed.

David Tatum

The sentencing comes six months after Tatum was convicted of one count of production of child pornography, one count of transportation of child pornography, and one count of possession of child pornography.

Okay, so… charging someone with producing child porn for AI is very scary. Not because anyone wants to do that or whatever, but simply because this “oh won’t someone protect the children” stuff is always used to shut it down.

These are the same people injecting and chopping up kids as part of the child tranny agenda. They don’t care about kids. It’s a total scam.

But I don’t think that’s what he’s being charged with? I would have to read the court papers, but it seems the charges are all related to filming kids and the AI stuff was just mentioned in court.

The child and adolescent psychiatrist spent five years collecting a trove of child pornography starting in 2016, according to evidence presented at his trial.

That year, he secretly recorded his 15-year-old cousin and other underage family members as they undressed and showered at a family vacation home in Maine.

Tatum recorded a former patient multiple times by directing a camera up her skirt during one of her therapy sessions. She had turned 18 just five days before the visit — but Tatum wrote she was only 17 in his notes, indicating he understood he was filming child pornography, according to court documents.

When his own videos were no longer enough, Tatum turned to a “deep fake” website to digitally alter clothed images of minors making them sexually explicit.

Yeah, that can’t be illegal.

The bodies are those of adults. This is no different than Photoshop. Imagine a high school kid Photoshops the head of a girl he likes into a porn body. Is that “child porn”?

This should be shut down now, and AI people should be denouncing all of this talk, but just like with the Jew thing, no one wants to look like they’re defending child porn.

This is going to lead to all kinds of invasiveness and all kinds of restrictions and regulations on AI if this isn’t stopped.