Russia Warns Great Satan Giving F-16s to the Ukraine Will Escalate War

No one has explained the goal of this war.

Actually, they explained that the goal of this war is to invade Crimea and then ethnically cleanse it of Russian people.



Russia said on Monday a decision by Denmark and the Netherlands to donate the first F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine would only escalate the conflict, while Ukraine said the jets would help end Moscow’s invasion.

Denmark and the Netherlands on Sunday announced they would supply F-16s to Ukraine, with the initial six due to be delivered around New Year. Washington approved the delivery of the U.S.-made jets last week.

The fact that Denmark has now decided to donate 19 F-16 aircraft to Ukraine leads to an escalation of the conflict,” Russian ambassador Vladimir Barbin said in a statement cited by the Ritzau news agency.

By hiding behind a premise that Ukraine itself must determine the conditions for peace, Denmark seeks with its actions and words to leave Ukraine with no other choice but to continue the military confrontation with Russia,” he said.

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Kyiv said the jet was vital to the success of its bid to drive Russian forces from its territory in a counteroffensive that has proceeded slowly since its launch in early June, as it would prevent Russian fighter jets attacking advancing forces.

“Superiority in the air is key to success on the ground,” air force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat was quoted as saying by Ukrainian media.

This is the weirdest photo-op I’ve ever seen, no cap.

What are we doing here, guys?

I’m ready to go back to Covid lockdowns at this point.