Satellite Images of Gaza Show More Than 1,000 Craters, Hospitals and Schools Destroyed

If all these dead schoolchildren didn’t want to end up as filler, then they shouldn’t have died on Filler Sunday.

The Guardian:

A Guardian analysis of satellite imagery of the northern Gaza Strip in the aftermath of heavy bombardments has identified more than 1,000 craters visible from space within approximately 10 square kilometres.

In one area – just half a kilometre wide – a group of residential blocks has been bombed so severely that about 100 craters, some as large as 45ft (13.9m), are visible.

At least one hospital and three schools in the area have been rendered out of service, apparently due to a nearby bombing. Other buildings in the image, taken on 30 October, have been levelled entirely and reduced to rubble.

More than 200 schools have been damaged – about 40% of the total number of schools in the Gaza Strip – about 40 of them very seriously, according to the UN Children’s Fund.

Seriously though, I’ve written a lot about the Jewish Murder Machine.

And I’m going to write a lot more.

But today is Filler Sunday.

Plus, the whole point of the news item is these photos:

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