South Korea’s Apocalyptic Birth Rate is Somehow Getting Even Worse

Remember when the media was telling people it was a good thing that people were having fewer children because of… global warming or whatever?

Yeah, well – it turns out that was wrong.

Korea Times:

Korea’s total fertility rate during the third quarter stood at 0.7, the lowest-ever for a third quarter.

Considering the pattern that the number of births decreases toward the end of a year, there is a possibility that the rate could fall to the 0.6 range in the fourth quarter of this year.

According to the latest data by Statistics Korea on Wednesday, the total fertility rate — the average number of children a woman is expected to give birth to during her lifetime — in the third quarter went down to 0.7, a decrease of 0.1 from a year ago.

The rate was the same figure as the fourth quarter of last year and the second quarter of this year, both of which were record lows for their respective quarters ever seen in the time since related statistics began being compiled in 2009. The rate, which rebounded to 0.81 in the first quarter of this year, has remained at 0.7 for two consecutive quarters during the second and third quarters.

The total fertility rate fell in all 17 cities and provinces across the country. Seoul had the lowest rate of 0.54 babies per woman, followed by 0.64 in Busan. South Jeolla Province recorded the highest rate of 0.96.

The number of births recorded 56,794 in the third quarter, a decrease of 7,381 or 11.5 percent, compared to the same period last year.

Women are entirely responsible for this. There is nothing else to say about it.

Well, the vax probably didn’t help.

But the vax thing didn’t affect everyone. We know from the studies of the batches that some of the shots literally did nothing at all, probably because they were not kept at the correct temperature.

Further: Korea had this problem before the virus hoax.

Liberating women is the stupidest possible idea ever. There’s a reason why no one in history ever did it before: women make incredibly, unbelievably bad decisions. It’s really cartoonish.

Like, women make decisions that are so bad that if a man was sitting around thinking “what is the worst possible decision I could make right now?”, he wouldn’t be able to think of the decision that just comes naturally to a woman.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.