Sweden Breaks Fatal Shootings Record! BASED?

Swedes are finally rising up and getting violent in the face of overwhelming oppression by women.

It’s about time, and I for one –

Wait, no. Sorry. This is all immigrants.

The Guardian:

September has become the worst month for shooting deaths in Sweden since records began in 2016, after two people died in separate shootings on Wednesday night, bringing the monthly total to 11.

Another person died on Thursday morning after a bomb blast.

The country has been rocked by a deadly wave of shootings and explosions in recent weeks – many suspected to be linked to a split within the Foxtrot gang.

In the first of the shootings on Wednesday, an 18-year-old man was killed in the early evening at a busy sports ground in the south-west Stockholm suburb of Mälarhöjden, where children and young people were training. At about midnight a second man was shot dead in Jordbro, just south of Stockholm.

A 25-year-old woman then died in hospital from injuries sustained when a bomb went off in Storvreta, outside Uppsala, a university city north of the capital, on Thursday. The blast, which damaged five houses, is being treated by the police as a murder. Swedish media said the woman who died was probably not the target.

Three people have been detained on suspicion of complicity in the Jordbro shooting, and two have been arrested over the Uppsala explosion, which was so violent that the facades of two houses were blown away.

This is some real serious gang shit, no?

This doesn’t really even happen in Moslem countries.

Part of that is due to the fact that Moslems have much stricter laws. But the other part of it is that the only Moslems willing to leave their own countries to go leech off welfare in Sweden are naturally going to be very low quality, and many or most of them will be inclined towards criminality.

The idiot Swede government keeps attacking Islam, like any of this has to do with Islam. The only thing that has to do with Islam is terrorist attacks, and that makes up like, much less than 1% of total violence by immigrants.

Arguably, even a lot of the terrorism has only a loose connection to Islam. Something like the killing of Theo van Gogh or the Charlie Hebdo massacre are genuinely Islamic, but the random “truck of peace” stuff is kind of just retarded monkey business.

Obviously, the Moslems should be put out of the country. No one is arguing that point. But all this talk about the Koran and Islam is really just a big, stupid distraction, and it seems to be designed to try to create violence.