Ireland: Catholic, Anglican Bishops Order Flocks to Accept Invaders, Give Them Free Stuff

Catholic Bishop Fintan Monahan (left), Anglican Bishop Michael Burrows (Right)

Why is this tolerated?

Why is it even tolerated for the Catholic Church to be cooperating with the Anglican Church on any level at all, let alone coming together to condemn normal people for not wanting to have their country destroyed by an invading army?

The Journal:

An appeal for calm has been made by the Catholic and the Church of Ireland bishops of the diocese of Killaloe following protests in Roscrea, Co Tipperary.

The bishops also used their joint statement to call for communities to “go the extra mile” to accommodate those seeking asylum.

On Monday, a crowd of up to 300 people gathered to protest the Racket Hall Hotel in Roscrea hotel being used to house international protection applicants.

Roscrea is in the diocese of Killaloe and in a statement today, the Catholic bishop Fintan Monahan and Church of Ireland bishop Michael Burrow appealed for calm.

Their joint statement remarked that “it has been disturbing and sad to see some of the strong protests against the arrival of people seeking emergency accommodation in Roscrea”.

While the statement said there are “some genuine concerns regarding resources for the new residents and for the amenities and services in the area”, both men called for a “peaceful approach to the issues involved”.

They also noted “concerns” at long-term effects that protests could have on young children and families who are now in the facility.

The bishops also appealed for the public to “keep in mind the bigger picture and the emergency situation that presents itself”.

“Many of the people coming to our shores are coming from very stressful situations and are in dire need of refuge and shelter.

“They deserve whatever level of help can possibly be offered and provided, even if it involves some sacrifice or inconvenience, going the extra mile, so to speak.”

The statement adds: “We Irish, more than most, know what it is like to be a stranger in a foreign land.

“We asked for people to be as open as possible to make sacrifices, despite some inconveniences that might arise in this extraordinary situation we find ourselves in during these troubled times.”

This is sick.

Remind me again – why is physiognomy a “pseudoscience?”

In America, they say that we have to have immigrants forced on us because the Irish came here as immigrants. Meanwhile, in Ireland, the Irish have to have immigrants forced on them… because Irish emigrated to America.

They just use any excuse to bury us.

The idea that Christian churches are promoting the idea that the society should become non-Christian is beyond the pale. How does it make sense, unless it is a conspiracy? Why would institutions want to lose power? No institution has ever wanted to lose power.