Tesla Cybertruck Owners Claiming Vehicle Developing Rust, Corrosion, Ugly Stains

The Cybertruck is an utter disaster.

There should be a class action lawsuit.

Elon Musk should have to give back the money.

He just ripped all these people off.

New York Post:

Two Tesla Cybertruck owners voiced their concerns over their discovery that their expensive electric trucks had quickly developed “corrosion” and “orange rust marks.”

Tesla-owner Will posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum that he began documenting the “corrosion” on his new Cybertruck.

He said he noticed his new vehicle had developed rust marks after just eleven days of ownership.

He said that he had 381 miles on it when he first discovered the odd specks.

“I received my AWD Cybertruck on February 1, 2024,” Will said. “Throughout the LA rain, I noticed the corrosion was forming on the metal like other people have noted, so I decided to start documenting it and bringing it to Tesla’s attention. I figured it was already on their radar, but I want it attended to under the warranty.”

The Tesla owner said he brought his truck to a service facility and that they washed the exterior to ensure the marks were not merely “specks of dirt” but actual rusting.

At the facility, the man said that he was told by a Tesla employee that while they had a procedure on how to fix the rusting issue, they did not have the tools on hand to immediately fix it.

Another Cybertruck-driver, named Max, echoed Will’s experience.

On top of this, the interior of the car is on par with a Honda Prius, even though the monstrosity costs as much as a BMW.

Tesla is a scam company, from the world’s greatest scam artist.

Remember when Elon Musk said he was going to give freedom of speech on Twitter, then went to Israel and Auschwitz and vowed to silence all criticism of Jews?

Why is this man not in jail?