Tesla to Pay Only $1.5M to Settle Lawsuit by 25 California Counties Over Mishandling of Hazardous Waste

One of the biggest problems I have with environmentalists is that they’re destroying the earth with poisonous chemicals.

Many of these chemicals affect our day-to-day lives, as they enter our bodies and cause direct harm.


Tesla will pay a fee of $1.5 million to settle a civil lawsuit alleging the company mishandled hazardous waste materials at facilities throughout the state of California for years.

The fee is negligible for Tesla, which reported net income of $7.93 billion during the fourth-quarter of 2023.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

District attorneys representing the people of 25 California counties had filed their lawsuit, The People of the State of California v. Tesla Inc., earlier in the week in a state court in San Joaquin County.

In their complaint, the district attorneys alleged that Tesla had: “intentionally disposed of, and intentionally caused the disposal of hazardous waste” at places that were “not authorized” nor appropriately equipped to handle that material which included everything from spent lead acid batteries to paint and lubricants used in auto repairs and manufacturing.

The suit also alleged that Tesla frequently failed to properly label containers of hazardous materials that it generated, used or stored at its facilities, and failed to train employees in proper handling of hazardous waste.

This just seems like bullshit.

They probably dropped it and left the $1.5 billion rather than pushing it any further once they saw the pictures of Elon at Auschwitz, a broken man.

But the batteries are a real, serious problem.

There is no place to put these batteries. Elon will probably suggest that they just send them into space, where he keeps the rest of his trash.