Vegan Diets May Weaken Bones, Study Finds

Famous veganism “Before-After.”

Veganism is like jogging or soy. Every single honest study shows it’s unhealthy, leading to all kinds of health problems, but the media just continues to ignore all that and promote it as good.

Study Finds:

Fresh research reveals that eating a meat- and dairy-free diet can result in a greater risk of broken bones. That may be because a vegan diet can lack the same quantities of nutrients for skeletal health. The research, carried out by a team at the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), is published in the journal Nutrients.

A vegan diet is often considered health-conscious. However, our scientific findings indicate that a vegan diet does affect bone health,” says BfR President Professor Andreas Hensel in a statement.

While previous research shows a vegan diet is beneficial to health in a number of ways, ultrasounds taken of the heel bones of 36 vegans in the most recent study showed they had unhealthier bones compared to 36 non-vegans. Meanwhile, blood tests show they were also low on bone health nutrients lysine and vitamins A and B6.

“People are turning to a vegan diet not only due to compassion for animals and awareness of environmental problems but also for health benefits. Indeed, scientific evidence suggests that a vegan or vegetarian diet may protect against many chronic diseases, for example diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, or cancer,” the authors write. “However, a vegan diet was found to be associated with lower bone mineral density, which is associated with higher fracture risk, compared to omnivores.”

I chuckled when they started introducing bugs as an alternative to meat.


I chuckled not just because “oh of course, they’re going to humiliate us further by forcing us to eat bugs.” I also chuckled because it is an admission that veganism has failed. It is just too unhealthy to not have any form of animal protein. So they have to introduce insect protein, just so people remain capable of moving around.

They want you tired and beaten down, but not as tired and beaten down as standard veganism makes someone, so they’re introducing the bugs.

There is a big noise now about how being fat makes you susceptible to coronavirus, and I guarantee you that this is going to lead directly into the vegan (or vegan + bugs, probably) agenda.

By sheer coincidence, this is another agenda of Bill Gates.

He’s locking us in our houses, he’s altering our DNA, he’s deciding what we’re going to eat. He’s going to transform all of humanity into a new form that he prefers.