Watch: Pro-Palestine Protesters Scaling White House Fence, Hurling Bloody Baby Dolls

It’s crazy that Joe Biden got the most votes of any president in history.

People really don’t seem to like him very much at all.

New York Post:

A swarm of Pro-Palestinian supporters shouted “f–k Joe Biden” slogans as they nearly ripped down a reinforced fence outside the White House during a charged protest Saturday night.

Non-essential personnel were evacuated from the area as a precaution as the aggressive demonstration ramped up, the Secret Service confirmed.

Video shows the crowd shaking the fence so viciously that a section of it became partially dislodged while a horde of Secret Service police pushed back to keep the ralliers from entering the grounds.

Some protesters hurled water bottles and the sticks broken off their Palestinian flags at the officers, while others tried to climb the fence.

“F–k Joe Biden!” the ralliers screamed.

Break it down! You support the murder of children!

Thousands of protesters participated in the rally, some carrying signs that read: “No votes for Genocide Joe,” “Biden has blood on his hands” and “Let Gaza live.”

Biden has been a supporter of Israel and approved an “emergency sale” that sent nearly 14000 rounds of tank ammunition worth $106M to the Jewish State last month.

The rally heavily focused on the substantial death toll in Gaza that has accumulated in the 100 days since Israel retaliated for Hamas’ Oct. 7 surprise attack on its civilians.

More than 23,800 people in Gaza — nearly two-thirds of whom are women and children — have been killed during Israel’s counterattack campaign, according to the Health Ministry in the Hamas-run territory.

It’s only possible with American support.