Jordanian Army Says Israel Attacked Field Hospital in Gaza

Omg Israel attacked a hospital.

Omg I’ve never heard of them doing that before.

This is big, big news that the Jews would attack a hospital.


Israel pressed its assault on Khan Younis in southern Gaza on Wednesday, sending tanks westwards while Jordan decried shelling that badly damaged its field hospital in the city.

The Jordanian army said it held Israel responsible for a “flagrant breach of international law” in damage to the facility. Israel’s military denied striking or damaging the hospital, saying it opened fire after encountering a “terrorist cell” next to the hospital.

In a statement, Israel’s military said it coordinated the presence of troops in the area in advance with authorities and added medics were instructed to go to safer area. It said it could not identify the source of gunfire that injured a medical worker and the hospital remained “fully functioning.”

People in and around another hospital, Nasser, fled as tanks approached the district overnight following an Israeli army statement that it had come under fire from the area.

Palestinian health officials said seven people were killed by Israeli air strikes that damaged homes near the hospital, one of only a third of Gaza’s hospitals still partially operational.

Farther south from the hospital in nearby Rafah, Palestinian health official said 16 people were killed when an Israeli missile hit a house in the city just before midnight on Wednesday. Several other people were wounded, they said, expecting the number of fatalities to increase.

Further south in Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of people have moved on Israeli advice, people cried over several shrouded bodies, including of a young girl, Masa.

We were asleep and then we found the missiles falling on us. We got up and couldn’t see anything. We started checking on each other. The girl was martyred,” said her aunt, Tahreer Shoman, adding that her siblings had been wounded but survived.

It’s wild that this is still going.

It’s also wild that there were any hospitals left in Gaza. In the first month, Israel destroyed hundreds of medical facilities, claiming they all had Hamas bases under them. (No Hamas base was discovered under any of the hospitals that Israel destroyed.)

Honestly, I can’t believe that all Moslems haven’t snapped and just Zerg rushed Israel in mass.

Israel is a very small country, and their military is a total joke.

There are 1.5 billion Moslems, and virtually every non-Moslem on the earth is now on the side of the Moslems against Israel.