Woman Who First Transitioned to Male and Then to Obese Suing American Academy of Pediatrics

Isabelle Ayala, 20


Turn and face the pain!

New York Post:

A Florida woman who medically transitioned from female to male as a 14-year-old is suing the American Academy of Pediatrics — alleging she was whisked through the process as a minor by “a collection of actors who prioritized politics and ideology over children’s safety, health, and well-being.”

Isabelle Ayala, now 20, is also suing her doctors in Rhode Island in a first of its kind case, filed in Providence/Bristol County Superior Court.

“I just really don’t want this to happen to other vulnerable young girls,” Ayala, who lives in Wellington, Florida, told The Post. “I don’t want puberty to be the enemy. I don’t want our natural biology to be the enemy.”

Ayala says she was sexually assaulted as a child and began precocious puberty at age 8 — both experiences she says made her resent her femininity and believe she was better off male.

“I decided to transition because of just a series of unfortunate things that I had tied to being female. And those things made me hate being female,” Ayala said.

At 11, she found solace in the transgender activist community on Tumblr, and thought, “This is going to fix me.”

She learned from trans activists that fabricating suicidal ideation is a surefire way to get a testosterone prescription quickly. So, at age 14 she did just that: “I learned that from the internet that… I had to convince [my doctors and family] that if they don’t affirm me, I’m gonna kill myself.”

Ayala said she was referred to a gender clinic and diagnosed with gender dysphoria by transgender health expert Dr. Jason Rafferty. According to the lawsuit, he determined she “would benefit from being put on cross-sex hormones” in a single visit that lasted less than an hour.

By age 17, in 2020, Ayala felt the urge to begin presenting femininely again. A YouTuber who had detransitioned inspired her to identify as a woman again — and she soon realized her transition had been a massive mistake.

Three years on, according to the lawsuit, she still struggles with unwanted body hair, vaginal atrophy and an altered bone structure from the testosterone.

“She has since contracted Hashimotos’s disease, an autoimmune disease that only the males in her family have a history of, from taking testosterone,” the suit claims.

Ayala is seeking compensatory and punitive damages as, she alleges, she continues to suffer the medical consequences of her transition.

Okay, so.

That’s a weird story.

Ayala and attorney Jordan Campbell

But this is valid.

The complaint makes reasonable, logical sense: these people claim to be authorities on mental health, and they’re using their authority to do science experiments on people.

It’s obvious that the victims of these experiments should be compensated for having their bodies destroyed by psychopaths who take advantage of vulnerable young people in order to get rich.

There is a lot, lot, lot of money in Big Tranny. These doctors are making huge bundles of cash off of the blood of children and teenagers with mental problems.