“Pope” Francis Elects 21 New Cardinals to Reform Church, Says Diversity is Indispensable

People attack Andrew Anglin for questioning the Vatican, but seriously. Let’s be real.

How is this sustainable?

Where is the evidence the next Pope will not be much, much worse, and call a third Vatican council?

If the Bishop of Rome didn’t give himself all of these special privileges over the last few centuries, it would not be a problem to simply call this guy a heretic.

But so many Catholics can’t say that a heretic is a heretic because of these relatively recent powers the Popes have given themselves (which were just waiting to be abused).

Anglin is defending Catholics and the Church. He is just saying that denying these things are happening is not a valid option.

New York Post:

Pope Francis has elected 21 new cardinals to help reform the Catholic Church, leaning heavily on diversity just days ahead of a meeting where he will outline plans for its future and discuss controversial issues such as LGBTQ+ followers, women’s roles in the church and celibacy.

The new “princes of the church,” including Chicago-born Robert Prevost — were inducted Saturday by the 86-year-old pontiff in St. Peter’s Square.

In his instructions to the new cardinals, Pope Francis said their variety and geographic diversity would serve the church like musicians in an orchestra, who sometimes play solos while performing as part of an ensemble other times.

Diversity is necessary; it is indispensable. However, each sound must contribute to the common design,” he said.

“This is why mutual listening is essential: each musician must listen to the others.”

The promotions of Prevost and French Cardinal Christophe Pierre, the pope’s ambassador in Washington, DC, signal Pope Francis is eyeing a balance-of-power shift in the US, where conservative bishops are outspoken critics of his reforms. The two will nominate new bishop candidates and oversee investigations into current ones.

He sure does spend a lot of time attacking American Catholics.

How many times has he attacked the German Catholics doing anal marriage?

“I think I do have some insights into the church in the United States,” Prevost said after the ceremony. “So the need to be able to advise, work with Pope Francis and to look at the challenges that the church in the United States is facing, I hope to be able to respond to them with a healthy dialogue.”

Pope Francis will host a synod between Oct. 4 to 29 to discuss women’s roles in the church, the LGBTQ+ church community and priestly celibacy with bishops and lay members. A second will take place next year.

Several new cardinals are voting members of the synod and have clearly stated they agree with Pope Francis’ vision for the church.

So, this is real. It’s really happening.

We are headed towards yet another Vatican council, which is going to say that it is okay to ram a male anus with your penis.

People can claim the Germans who are doing anal marriage are in schism, but the Pope doesn’t claim that, and will not excommunicate them even though by Catholic doctrine, they have excommunicated themselves.

There is no solution here other than to question the authority of the Pope. If we do not question the authority of the Pope, then we’ve already accepted gay anal marriage, and it’s only going to get worse.

The Pope will not excommunicate the Germans for doing anal marriage. There is no Trad Cath response to this. It’s happening in real life and if you deny it, you are endorsing gay anal marriage.

[Editor's Note: I don't really endorse that last sentence. It's clearly hyperbole, but I know how sensitive Trad Caths are getting about this ongoing reformation in their church, and because we like these people, there is no reason to provoke them with hyperbole. Or, actually, there sort of is a reason to do that - if you're getting mad about this, you need to ask why. In this space, people rarely get mad online. Right? We pride ourselves that we don't get mad online, and yet pro-Francis Trad Caths are getting mad. The reason they are getting mad is that they are experiencing cognitive dissonance. No one can explain how, if the Pope won't excommunicate these Germans, that the Pope doesn't de facto support gay marriage. There is no reason he wouldn't excommunicate them. But obviously, I don't think Trad Caths personally support gay marriage. What I am witnessing, however, is that Trad Caths are in denial. They won't even say directly that they are waiting for a miracle. To also be clear, myself and other Stormer writers are not anti-Catholic, we are very pro-Catholic, and while some of the writers, including Elvis, is Catholic, I am not a Catholic. I was trying to find a priest who believes in Christianity, and eventually gave up, because they were all promoting gay sex and female priests to me (even the elderly ones). It was completely bizarre. We have not done blasphemy. The Pope is promoting gay sex, mass Islam, he says Hell doesn't exist, he's doing diversity, this is all against the Catholic religion, and in the case of the gay sex and the thing about Hell, it's heresy. I don't have to be a Catholic to know that. It's an academic matter. I am pointing it out. I fully recognize I am not a theologian, I am not in a position to offer solutions. I am able to look at the problem in a way that lifelong Catholics might not be able to do. By the way, just to be clear so that you people will get off of my back: I actually actively encourage people to become Catholics if they can find a Christian priest. You should be able to do that in America, and probably in Mexico or the Philippines or whatever. You need to be able to take the eucharist in a proper way. For me, honestly, with these priests I met, I did not trust them to honor the confessional, so how the hell can I go through the process of joining the church if I don't trust the priest to honor the confessional? But just look into it, find a church that is trad, and join the Church. If you're in Germany, then go to another country to do the process. Or maybe there are still some serious churches in Germany, I don't know. Don't go to one of these gay churches with a pro-anal priest. This is not good. I mean, just think about it. So stop defaming me. I am actively encouraging people to join the Church. I think on some level, if more traditionalists join it, that will shift things. Or, of course, you can try joining an Orthodox Church. They have a valid eucharist, which the Catholics recognize as valid, even though they are not in communion with one another. We are going to solve this problem. Mark my words. I might take the time to do the research and write a book about my plan. I have a plan. No one else does, but I do, and though I don't have the ability to implement the plan (obviously), I do have the ability to start the discussion. I am thinking of asking a man we all know of to help me with my research, and I might even propose co-authorship. I'm not revealing all of this right now. I am not ready for that. But I have a plan. Believe you me. We need to start thinking in terms of millennia, not in terms of which month Francis is going to go mask off, or if it will be his successor who goes mask off. They are going to go mask off, unless a miracle happens. I am going to get the verses from the Bible and the Church Fathers and others about how life cannot be lived on the basis of counting on miracles. If you jump out of a high-rise building, God has the ability to let you land like a squirrel. God can do any miracle at any time, and it will be very lucky for you if he does. In terms of the Pope's vagino-anal agenda, it would be very lucky for all life on earth if a miracle happened and his successor was some kind of fascist. I hope that happens. But the statistical odds point to zero chance of that, so the only solution, according to this "it will all work out" thinking is a miracle. The Pope is not a Christian. Forgive the long editor's note. -AA]

This is just going to keep getting worse. Traditional Catholics need a solution.

Anglin already told me what the solution is, though he hasn’t said it publicly yet. It’s pretty obvious, quite frankly. Everyone who defends the Pope is defending anal marriage, and it’s going to get harder and harder to deny. At some point, you will just look insane denying that this is happening.

How many times has the Pope attacked American conservative Catholics as backward primitives (a lot of times)? Now, compare that to how many times he’s attacked the Germans for doing anal marriage (zero times).

I understand that most of us are primarily political, and it is a confusing situation to be in when you have the Pope endorsing anal. It’s a sign of the times, of course. But there must be a solution. Denial is not a valid solution.

If the Pope has the ability to overturn Christ, then this is not Christianity, it is basic Popary.

Who is in schism with whom here?

Is the Pope in schism with normal Catholicism? Or are normal Catholics in schism with the Pope? The Pope is not in schism with the anal butt bishops of Germany, and in fact he’s calling all these meetings to talk about the joy of both rimjobs and fisting (and perhaps even double fisting).

If you’re reading this from Mexico or the Philippines or Uganda, you might not even understand the context. But if you live in America or Europe, go to three churches and ask the priest what he thinks about female priests and gay anal rimjobs for little boys. If you pick the churches randomly, there is a 100% chance that you are going to find at least one anal priest.

What now?

Denying the problem is not making it go away.

Saying “yeah but Protestants are evil deeper into anal than the Pope” is not an argument. Everyone already knows that. No one is questioning the veracity of the faith here. But this situation has been created where people who would defend the faith have been rendered incapable of doing so by all of these ridiculous titles and powers the Bishop of Rome has given himself over the last few centuries.

You all know where this is going. It’s very obvious.

Not a lot of people know this, but Pope Francis was kicked out of the juggalo movement for being “too weird.”