Andrew Anglin

Bolshevism Based on Ancient Jewish Morals

Destroy Zionism July 29, 2013 Yet another great find from The Black Rabbit of Inlé, about a meeting called by the United Jewish Committee in London on November 5, 1942, the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution – where Chief Rabbi Hertz praised the Soviet Union for outlawing anti-Semitism, and Israel M. Sieff stated that Bolshevism was based on …

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Miscegenation: A Severe Health Risk for White Females

CoC | Is there anything more disgusting than seeing a White woman with a black man? Even if it wasn't so utterly dangerous, it would still be deplorable. One part of me feels the girls who are sick enough to get sucked in by this Jew-mind filth are getting what's coming to them when their bodies turn up behind some dumpster.

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