Border Communities Warn They’ll Soon Run Out of Capacity to Contain the Horde

The Biden Plan is to allow every single brown person who wants to live in America to come here over the Mexican border.

It’s likely that most of them have already come.

A lot of Americans don’t understand the third world, and think it is all a gigantic shithole. The reality is, in most third world countries, the basic quality of life for the average person is much better than in the US. They might have fewer consumer electronics (though they all have smartphones), but they work much less (sometimes longer hours, but less real work), and have good food and comfortable places to sleep. This is even true of most of Africa at this point.

So the only people showing up to enter America are the lowest of the low from these third world countries. At some point, definitely before the end of Biden’s second term, the number of new arrivals is going to drop off, because America will have successfully drained the third world of all of their dumbest, poorest people.

It’s also important to note that the quality of third world countries is going up in no small part due to the fact that the lowest and most useless members of their societies, including and especially the criminal element, are being invited into America and Europe.

New York Post:

A growing number of border communities are sounding the alarm on the border crisis, as migrants are being dumped onto their streets by Border Patrol, which has maxed out its ability to house recent arrivals.

Leaders in El Paso, Texas, warned they would not be able to keep mass groups of migrants from sleeping on the streets — what the city considers worst-case scenario — for much longer.

On Thursday alone, some 1,700 migrants entered the US through El Paso in a 24-hour period.

In previous weeks, the city had seen less than 1,000 migrants a day.

“We’re not going to have street releases,” said the city’s Mayor Oscar Leeser during a Friday morning news conference.

“Our No. 1 priority is the safety of our community and the safety of our asylum seekers. We don’t want them sleeping on the streets, but at some point, we will run out of capacity.”

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Until now, the city government has been able to delay so-called “street releases,” when migrants who have been screened and processed by Border Patrol get released into the community when the agency runs out of space to hold them.

El Paso shelters that normally take the migrants in are at capacity, telling The Post in August they are “busier than ever.”

Leeser said the city has 400 dedicated hotel rooms every night available for migrants — paid for by federal tax dollars. Sometimes, the need is greater, as it was Thursday night when migrants filled up 700 hotel rooms.

In those cases, they can avoid having migrants on the streets by booking extra hotel space, but the rooms aren’t always available.

tfw free hotel room, free food, free clothing

In southern California, the street releases continued Wednesday, when three busloads where released at a trolley station in Otay Mesa, reported the local NBC station.

Arizona has become another huge border flashpoint and migrant encounters in the Border Patrol’s Tucson sector are the highest in the country.

Although the number of arrivals will drop off at some point, it’s still a few years off.

America is going to have to figure out a way to pay for all of these new people. It’s especially challenging given that the US is committing huge amounts of money to a global war agenda focused on world domination.

I assume they will just raise taxes on the middle class, and print more money.

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