EU to Give the Ukraine €5 Billion in Military Aid

Finally, someone is thinking about the Ukrainians.

Russia invaded them for no reason (totally unprovoked) and is trying to kill everyone in the country because he’s a very mean person, and the whole world is leaving them in the lurch.

Every time I turn on the news I’m shocked to find that no one even bothers mentioning this genocide in the Ukraine.

Finally, at least they’re getting a little something.

The Guardian:

Ukraine is set to receive billions of euros more in military aid, as well as training for fighter pilots, the EU’s top diplomat has said, after a “historic” meeting of EU foreign ministers in Kyiv.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs, said on Monday the 27-nation bloc remained committed to helping Ukraine defeat a “brutal and inhumane” Russia.

“I don’t see any member state faltering,” he said, reinforcing a declaration by the Nato secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, on Friday that he was confident Slovakia and Poland would continue to support the fight against Russia despite political wavering in both countries.

“Every country will support this war forever, regardless of how their populations feel about it.”

Borrell said the EU had proposed a “bilateral envelope” worth €5bn (£4.3bn) for Ukraine’s armed forces. EU countries would train 40,000 soldiers, provide “special training” for fighter pilots and deepen ties between EU and Ukrainian defence companies.

The meeting “sent a strong message of solidarity and support”, he added, more than 18 months after Russia’s full-scale invasion. Ukraine was fighting for survival in the face of an “unjust and illegitimate” attack, he said.

Borrell called Vladimir Putin’s assault an “existential threat” for Europeans.

The only way they can keep saying things like “the Ukraine is fighting for survival,” which is demonstrably false, is that the internet is so censored.

The Ukraine is not fighting for survival. They are fighting for a right to occupy Russian territories, and they are fighting for a right to put nuclear weapons on Russia’s border. The fight actually has nothing at all to do with Ukrainians.