Expert Exorcist Priest Marries 18-Year-Old Woman He’s Accused of “Grooming”

Alex Crow

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This whole idea of “grooming” being a bad word is new and bizarre.

It was used to explain the recruitment of white girls into Pakistani prostitution and drug gangs in the UK. That was not the correct word there. They used it to make the girls sound like victims. If different language would have been used, people would have been calling for the girls to be prosecuted for crimes.

The word had been used in all sorts of neutral contexts: “he is grooming a successor.”

“Grooming for marriage” is a phrase that has been used historically with no negative connotation.

New York Post:

The disgraced Alabama priest who ran off to Italy with an 18-year-old woman over the summer is now married to the teenager — as an archbishop revealed Wednesday that the Vatican will likely move to officially oust him from the priesthood.

Alex Crow, a 30-year-old Catholic priest, married the young woman who was a 2023 high school graduate, according to a marriage certificate filed in Mobile County Monday.

She only turned 18 back in June, the document states.

Crow and the woman went to Europe over the summer before returning back to the US earlier this month, reported.

Crow, already suspended, has likely given his last sermon, Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi signaled this week.

“The recent news of Crow’s civil marriage only confirms the Archbishop’s judgment. Archbishop Rodi anticipates that the Vatican will eventually laicize Alex Crow,” read a statement from the Archdiocese of Mobile.

Rodi, in a previous statement, lambasted the spiritual leader and said his actions were “totally unbecoming of a priest.”

It’s true that a priest is not supposed to get married. I don’t really agree with this policy, but that’s the policy.

Otherwise, this guy didn’t do anything wrong, and the story is actually very wholesome.

Why should men have to marry used-up old hookers? Who is that good for?

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