Obese Woman Influencer Wants Wider Hotel Hallways, Sturdier Chairs

She’s not asking for much.

Wait, no, when you think about the cost of the materials to widen all of the hallways and chairs in the world, she’s asking for like, hundreds of millions of dollars of work and materials. Because she can’t control her own food intake.

This is more than even the Jews are asking for. Well, no it’s not quite that much. But it’s a lot.

New York Post:

A plus-size influencer who previously demanded airlines comp larger passengers for extra seats is now asking hotels around the world to make a number of changes to better accommodate overweight guests — including by making the hallways wider.

In a video posted to her TikTok last month, Jaelynn Chaney listed several ways hotels can create “size-inclusive” amenities.

She said she is “on a mission to revolutionize the travel industry, and make it a more accessible, accepting, accommodating place for all,” adding: “The needs of plus-sized travelers matter just as much as anybody else.”

We deserve an environment that respects our needs and body diversity,” Chaney claimed.

Among her many demands were to “make elevators and hallways [more] spacious, to allow for easy movement of larger individuals, and those utilizing mobility devices.”

Chaney also suggested hotels raise their toilet seats and retrofit each room with handheld shower heads so bigger-bodied people can more easily wash themselves.

“Hotels should provide size-inclusive bathrooms,” she said in the video. “These should go up to size 6X and beyond.”

Additionally, Chaney said hotels should put up handrails in pools and invest in sturdier and wider chairs for the lounges and pool-side so that larger-bodied people can relax in peace.

And, she said, hotels need to “train staff to be respectful, understanding and accommodating to travelers of all sizes.”

Fat people should be insulted in public, wherever they go, until they stop being fat.

It’s so obvious.