Watch: Half-Naked Black Woman in Florida Airport Points to the Fact We Don’t Live in a Society

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I have a lot of respect for people who walk around naked in public places.

I just can’t think of any reason not to do this when the government has abandoned the pretext that we live in a society.

If we don’t live in a society, then why should anyone bother putting on clothing?

New York Post:

Passengers waiting in line for their flight out of Florida were left stunned by a woman who appeared to be half-naked from the waist down.

A now-viral video posted to Reddit Thursday shows the seemingly oblivious woman standing in line at the Spirit Airlines counter at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport wearing an orange halter-neck dress that appeared to have been hiked up — exposing her lower cheeks.

She had one hand placed on her suitcase as she stared straight ahead.

“Only in the f–king airport, Spirit Airlines,” a fellow passenger filming the woman could be heard saying.

Motherf–ker what is this going on in 2023?

The camerawoman then decided to pray, saying, “Lord give me strength, I say no drawers, no f–king drawers y’all, what is that, no drawers.”

She then seemed to turn her attention to the airline itself, asking employees to do something about the woman.

“I wonder if Spirit [is] gonna let this happen today,” the unidentified filmmaker says. “Spirit, you gonna let this happen?

This ain’t right.”

Folks, there are a lot of things that ain’t right, especially with black people.

Maybe you should have done something about these issues before they metastasized to the point that they are totally unfixable?

The only solution is total societal collapse, hopefully as a result of losing a large war.